Starting from Adrenarena, we will enter
to the desert in the late afternoon, we
will travel the dunes with much action,
emotion and adventure. We will arrive
to an area previously prepared for the
camp. Once there we can take walks,
take photos, sandboarding, among others.
we wait for the departure of the stars *
to taste a delicious grill next to the
campfire. Then we will enter tents
specially conditioned to spend the night.
the next day we will wake up with a good
breakfast and start the return to base.

Snack: Hors d'oeuvre from the city
Entrance: three skewers on the grill
Main course: hamburger with potatoes
coptel and "Salsa a la huancaina"
(Peruvian sauce) with salad
Dessert: sweet of the day
Min: 2 people per space.

*Weather conditions may vary / All payments
are in cash or transfer / Previous reservation/
subject to availability